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Personal Finance Update

Haven’t made a net worth + income from investments / assets update in a while.

So here it is…

Net Worth: ~$2.5M

Income from Assets / Investments:

My projected income from investments this year will be around $25k.

The first milestone I set is $100k.

I believe I’ll reach that in 2022.

My initial plan was to optimize for cashflow with my investing. However, since diving into real estate pretty much full time last year, I’ve decided to re-invest heavily into properties and the team, which reduces cashflow in the near term.

If I wanted, I could pay off all the debt on properties and not invest in the team, and be over the $100k per year mark.

However, I’ve decided to take a much longer term time horizon than initially planned.

Next year I think real estate will account for $50-75k per year in income from the assets, with another $10-20k from other investments.

So, it’ll be close to the $100k mark next year (I think).