Personal Finance

October Investment Income Update

In October I made $1,269.05 in income from investments.

This was 100% derived from interest income from savings accounts, so I’ll have to pay tax on it of course.

We have also decided to move our primary residence for the next 6 months to Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you’re wondering why, read this. No, it’s not to reduce our living expenses. Although I will say that it is a nice near term benefit.

Once we complete this move, our monthly expenses (not including business-related expenses) will be ~$4,000.

This means, given our current income from assets, we’re about 25% of the way to the bare minimum financial freedom.

I don’t plan on living on $50k a year for the rest of my life, but being 25% of the way towards that first benchmark is quite exciting.

We are still quite a bit away from the target for this series of $100k per year though. We’re about 15% of the way to that. But hey, it’s better than the 0% I had at the start of the year!

In future months I’ll try to get a bit more detailed on our spending, go in-depth on investments I make — I’m evaluating a number of them currently — and update you on any major changes in net worth.

See you next month!