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I totally get that you’re protective of your digital mailbox real estate. I am too.

By the way, hey! I’m Anthony.

I am the CEO of Jakt –a $4M/year digital product and innovation studio in New York City.

I am also the founder of The Polpo Group, a holding company where I co-found, buy, and invest in other businesses.

And I moderate the #1 Community for service-based business owners.

I am on a mission to help current and future business owners build and grow successful companies that provide for themselves, their family and impact their community.

And, if you let me, I want to share with you all the little-known secrets that I have picked up along the way (it’s been over a decade now).

The truth is, they are not really secrets.

They are the lessons that I learned the tough way –through making mistake after mistake.

They not only have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, seriously), but they slowed my company’s growth down many years.

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You’ll get the first-person thoughts, lessons, and insights from someone who is walking the talk.

What should you expect? I have covered these topics for my thousands of readers:

  • How I Got My First Client, How I Continue to Get Them and How You Can Too
  • The 3 Traits All Good Leaders Have
  • How To Shift Your Perspective To Make Selling Easy
  • What It (Really) Takes To Be an Entrepreneur
  • How I Manage Cash Flow to Ensure a Profit
  • And much more!

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