Jakt January in Review

At the beginning of January Mike (COO) and I laid out a high-level growth plan for Jakt in 2017. We split the plan into 3 segments: community, business development and content. There are some other items that will contribute to growth, but we felt these 3 areas were the big buckets that would push us furthest forward this year.

In this January recap I’m going to cover community and content. Business development objectives will take longer than a one-month timeline to see results, so I’ll recap that on a quarterly basis. One thing I’ll add to this post, as well, is revenue targets + results.

Revenue is a lagging indicator that is a byproduct of taking action and executing. 

So, we didn’t include revenue goals in our original plan. That said, it’s important as a scorecard as a proxy for how well we are executing our growth plan. And while the actions we took in January are, for the most part, not reflected in January revenue (because revenue is a lagging indicator of growth actions taken), I figure it would be good to list it as a benchmark for future posts.

If you amortize our 12-month plan, here were our January Targets:


    • No Agenda Dinners — 1
      • Success. We had a great first No Agenda Dinner of 2017. Recap video coming soon!
    • Speaker Fridays — 1
      • Fail. Organize still in progress.
    • Attendance at Events — 2
      • Success. In total we attended 6+ events between the two of us.


    • Blog Posts / Medium Posts — 4 (can be from anyone at Jakt)
    • Video posts — 1 per month
      • Success. Check it out here.
    • Newsletter — 1 per week
      • Success. Read it now.
    • Instagram — 8
    • Facebook — 1 per week
    • Dribbble — 4
      • Success. View the posts here.



    • Goal: $150,000
    • Result: $136,000
      • Fell short by $14K


Overall, I’m happy with how January turned out. On the community front, we went 2/3 and on the content front we went 4/6. It’s not perfect, but we are definitely moving in the right direction; in December we were doing none of this.

On the revenue front, even though we didn’t hit our goal, I’m still happy. Here’s why. We put $150k as our goal, knowing that it would be a stretch to get there. But we knew that even if we got close, we would be happy. And that’s exactly what we did. I actually thought we would come in around $110-120k, so doing $136k is great. In full transparency, the $136k was partially due to recording some revenue from December in January because that’s when we billed it, even though some of that work was done in December.

So there you have it, the Jakt January Month in Review. The plan is to do these once a month for all of 2017. I’ll also be releasing quarterly reports that also loop in our larger goals that can be tracked better on a quarterly basis.

If you’d like to follow along the journey of building Jakt, we’re also doing a documentary on the entire process. You can find it here.

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