My New Morning Routine

If you prefer video, scroll down to the bottom of this post. I recorded a video version of this article.

I want to talk about my morning routine. If you’re an entrepreneur like me I’m sure you can back me up when I say a single work day can be a wild ride. It’s like a roller coaster: going from high to low to back again . . . all within one day. Then try doing this for years. It can take a large toll on your mental and emotional state. I’ve been on that ride and now I’m working on making that mental and emotional roller coaster smoother. I’m trying to upgrade from a beat down car to a BMW. I’ll still be driving on that same bumpy road, but it will just feel a hell of a lot smoother.

Enter in my morning routine.

I’ve found by putting myself in a great state at the start of my day I can curb these shifts and have a steadier day. Over time I’ve experimented with different morning routines. The past six months I’ve constantly tweaked my routine because I haven’t been happy with the results.