Thoughts on the Future of User Interfaces


A conversation with my friend Ryan about business turned into a conversation about the future of interfaces. Which is a topic I’ve been writing and talking about because I’m very bullish over the next five years of voice as the future an interface.

Over our dinner, Ryan brought up a good point: the role of beacons. I loop beacons and sensors together because I ask myself, “How do I detect?” A beacon or a sensor detects some action happening and therefore we can use that as a trigger to do something else.

Ryan is working on a personal app for the home and asked how I would automate my home. Personally, I think it would be done with a mixture of beacons/sensors and voice. I’m not sure everything can be done with one or the other.

Even if it could be done with only one, which would be the best interface?

For example, if my fridge has no more milk- I wouldn’t want to voice activate and say, “Order some more milk.” I just want to order milk pos it’s own by knowing I’m out of milk.