My Story

I started my company Jakt in 2012. It started with me working out of my apartment, working non-stop and pulling countless all nighters to make sure I could afford rent the next month. Some days I even rented out my own room on Airbnb and slept on the couch to save money. Long story short, I did whatever it took.

Today Jakt is a amazing team of people and the company has done 7 figures in revenue every year since 2014. There’s been some crazy up’s and down’s along the way — mentally, emotionally and financially. I wish I documented the process of getting to where I am today — but better late than never. So now I’m doing it.

My goal is to document what it’s like to run and grow a business. Nothing held back. The good and the bad. Like actually, though. None of this shit where it’s always nice and rosy – that’s not real life and what it’s like to run a business. It’s fucking hard and I want to show that. But it’s also the most fun and rewarding thing you can do (at least for me) and I want to show that too.

So here we go! Hope you guys follow along, enjoy and maybe even learn something from my journey 🙂

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What is Jakt?

Jakt is a digital product studio. We design and build digital products for startups and brands. You can learn more about the company here.